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Are you old enough to remember when Coca-Cola reformulated? Made to be sweeter in 1985, Coca-Cola stopped producing the formula it had been using since 1935 and began marketing what came to be known as “New Coke” (and later officially dubbed as “Coke II”). After significant backlash, the cola company reintroduced the ‘old’ formula as “Coca-Cola Classic” just three months later. So, what does this have to do with Levander Chiropractic and Massage?

Quite simply, we are once again Levander Chiropractic and Massage! And we’d like to reintroduce ourselves to you.

Reverse-Rebranding: Levander to Alternative Approach and Back Again

A while back, we changed our business name – and website, etc. – to Alternative Approach, as it speaks to what many people are seeking. An Alternative Approach to medicine is also the promise we offer to you, our clients and community. 

People are sick of, well…being sick! Many of us are searching for an Alternative Approach to our medical needs. Instead of getting ill and then “treating” the dis-ease, people are hoping to avoid illness and the synthetic pharmaceuticals used to treat it (or at least the symptoms).

What we offer is the Alternative Approach being sought. It’s a way that establishes and maintains health –  and vitality – rather than merely keeping you illness-free. Levander Chiropractic and Massage aims to provide an approach that includes resources and recommendations on promoting a healthy lifestyle, mental wellbeing and – of course – chiropractic and massage. 

Simply put, to highlight the Alternative Approach we’re fostering for our clientele, we changed our name to reflect that – to “Alternative Approach.”

So, What Happened to the Alternative Approach Brand?

Well, the change wasn’t as extreme as what happened with New Coke (which at least one person speculated was a communist plot). For starters, unlike Coca-Cola, we didn’t change our formula in any way. Our philosophy and what we offer didn’t change. It was simply a name change. Also, and oddly, we didn’t get a lot of national press over it. Go figure. 

However, as much as the Alternative Approach we offer resonates with our clients, it didn’t really “stick” as a brand name. Everyone knew (and loved – right?!) us as Levander Chiropractic and Massage. When we realized that the Alternative Approach itself was still sound, but it just wasn’t working as our office name, we reverse-rebranded to Levander Chiropractic and Massage. 

Welcome to Levander Classic, if you will.

Take a look around our new website and let us know what you think!

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